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Medical Sales and Marketing Online Job search

A Recruiter Can Help You Land the Medical Sales Job You've Been Dreaming Of
Sales jobs in the medical or pharmaceutical fields can be both exciting and challenging. As a sales job seeker, you might be baffled to see all the opportunities available, but a recruiter can make landing that dream job a little easier. Medical sales job recruiters act as a liaison for you and potential employers. A recruiter can not only put you in touch with a potential employer, but will often take care of the initial job interview process. Before you ever go for the job interview, the recruiter has already taken steps to ensure that you're the perfect candidate for the job!

The benefits of allowing a medical sales job recruiter to help you find employment are many. Perhaps you'd like to do a lot of traveling while working in medical or pharmaceutical sales. Many sales and marketing jobs do require lots of travel, but this often means finding an employer out of state or even out of the country. You might live in the United States but desire to work for a company in the UK. With the assistance of a sales job recruiter, you'll likely expand your opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. A recruiter can connect you with well-paying, solid companies that you may have never heard of.

A recruiter can also save you time and help you find the best possible employment to match your personality, skills and desired salary level. Keep in mind that medical sales job recruiters not only help job seekers; they actually work for the hiring companies. Those companies are paying for recruitment services and expect only highly qualified candidates to be presented at interviews. This means the recruiter must not only help you find a medical sales job, but also make sure your skills and needs match the requirements of the employer. This benefits you because you won't be matched with jobs that fall short of what you're seeking. It's a win-win situation for you and the employer.

Online Sales Job Opportunities

With the Internet, your opportunities for landing a dream medical sales job are many. The Internet knows no borders so you can find a job locally or abroad. If you want a sales job recruiter to help you, look for websites that connect recruiters with job seekers. At a sales recruitment website, you can look for a job recruiter that specializes in your field. In the sales job arena, there will be recruiters for medical sales jobs, advertising sales jobs, IT sales jobs, media sales jobs, and many others.

Some online job sites promote medical sales vacancies and allow you to apply directly to companies. Either way, you'll benefit by being able to conduct your job searches at home and submit your resume to as many companies as you want. You can search by location, company or the type of job you're seeking. For instance, if you desire a pharmaceutical sales job in the southeastern U.S., a job search site or recruitment site allows you to narrow your search to pharmaceutical sales jobs in that area. You won't have to contact hundreds of companies aimlessly to find out if they're hiring or not. The job sites and/or recruiters will do the groundwork for you.

Resume Tips for Online Sales Job Searches

Before applying with an online recruiter or directly with a medical sales company, be sure to have an up-to-date copy of your resume on hand in both a Word document format and a text file format. Most online companies allow you to submit your resume online using one of these formats. You may be asked to attach your resume to an email or browse and attach the resume file in a Web form. Some may even ask you to copy and paste your resume into a text field on the form. If copying and pasting, it's advisable to copy from a text file to avoid formatting issues.

Visit a medical sales job recruiter website today to start your journey to a new, rewarding career!

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Sales and Marketing Online Job search

IT Sales Jobs Offer a Fun and Rewarding Career in a Field You Love
If you're knowledgeable in the IT field but have many other interests when it comes to employment, you can combine your skills and desires with an IT sales job. Working in IT sales and marketing gives you an opportunity to specialize in the career field you were trained for while also working with one or more companies in other fields of interest.

An IT sales career involves several aspects of IT work, sales, and marketing. You might perform pre-sales tasks such as giving information about technical specifications and how these can meet a company's needs. You might be asked to demonstrate certain software to create interest among potential customers. You might also negotiate actual sales, which means creating a commercial agreement that benefits both your supplier and the customer. Another aspect of IT sales is the after-support, or technical support that is provided once the sale takes place. This may include hardware or software setup, problem solving, or even more involved training on how to maximize the features of certain software for the company's needs.

Traveling with an IT Sales Job

Some IT sales jobs may require you to travel. This works great if you love to travel and prefer to be out meeting people. With a traveling IT sales job, you'll visit companies either on a local scale or you might travel from state to state or even around the world. This will all depend on the supplier you work for and the type of customers the supplier serves. For example, a software supplier might provide software to banks, but the software is so versatile that it can be used in banks around the world. You might be asked to visit certain banks in person in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or elsewhere.

If you work on a commission-only basis, you might be required to pay all your travel expenses. If you work on a salary basis, the company will likely pay for your business travel expenses. If you prefer a desk job, there are IT sales jobs in which most or all of your selling is achieved over the phone. You might even be able to land an IT sales job that allows you to work from home.

Diversity of Fields

IT sales jobs are so diverse because you can work with any type of company you wish. If you've always dreamed of rubbing shoulders with medical professionals, why not seek out an IT sales and marketing job in the medical field? Most career fields have a need for software or IT-related products. You might become an IT salesperson and be in direct contact with bank managers, doctors, attorneys, accountants, clothing manufacturers, travel agents, realtors, restaurant owners, pet store owners, or even farmers. The list of opportunities in the IT sales career field is endless!

Finding an IT Sales Employer

A great place to get started with your IT sales job search is online. You can visit a sales recruitment website that will put you in touch with top IT sales job recruiters in your area or in the areas you wish to work. A recruiter can help you find a suitable company with sales vacancies that's looking for an employee just like you. The recruiter will match your skills and career aspirations with potential employers, and even walk you through the interview process. All you need to do is keep your resume up to date and contact a recruiter that's experienced in the IT sales job field.

Even if you're still not sure about the type of career that's right for you, you'll also find recruiters for medical sales jobs, advertising sales jobs, media sales jobs, sales and marketing jobs, and many others. The key is to never be afraid of trying something new. Everyone gets nervous when venturing into a new career field, but keep in mind that you can always change careers later if needed. But you'll never know unless you give it a try!

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Sales and Marketing Online Job search

Easily Locate Sales Vacancies around the World with an Online Sales Job Website
When seeking sales vacancies, you might be tempted to sift through the thousands of job websites to find that perfect career. The problem is some of those job opportunities may be expired or already filled. Some might not be at your desired location. Others might not offer the salary or hours you want. That's why it's a good idea to narrow your search using a specialty job site. You can save lots of time by using a sales job website that offers specialized searches for exactly the career you want.

Features to Look For

A sales job search site should have a steady stream of updated sales jobs so you won't waste time applying for positions that are no longer available. Look for sales vacancies that clearly display the job posting date so you'll know how long ago the employer posted it. Find a website that's targeted for sales jobs particularly, but also versatile enough so you can glance at other sales opportunities as well.

A targeted sales job site will likely display sales vacancies in a variety of fields such as IT sales jobs, sales and marketing jobs, medical sales jobs, advertising sales jobs, media sales jobs, etc. Though there are various job types listed, they are at least all related to sales. You can easily focus on one particular career type and ignore the rest if the site has an advanced job search feature.

When seeking sales jobs, you might want to remain anonymous until you find a possible job match. Some sales job services will allow you to remain anonymous while searching for jobs. This means you can still create a profile and display your skills without revealing your identity. A potential employer can send a blind email to contact you, and then you can decide if you wish to have further contact with the company if you feel the job might be right for you.

Another feature is you can make your CV/resume public so potential employers can easily find you. Some employers don't want to wait for applicants; they'd rather search for candidates by skill and location to save time. Displaying your resume publicly will make these opportunities available to you. Look for a website that offers free registration to sales job seekers. You shouldn't have to pay to find a sales job unless the company is willing to offer resume creation services and others features of that nature.

Sales Recruitment Services

Also look for sales recruitment opportunities in your field of interest. Some sales job websites act as a go-between for you and sales job recruiters. The recruiters sign on for the service and may pay the job site to advertise their job opportunities. As a job seeker, you can find a recruiter that specializes in your desired field, such as IT sales jobs or medical sales jobs. The recruiter will use your profile and resume to match you with a hiring company.

Sales job recruiters not only help you locate a dream sales career, but also guide you through the interview process. The recruiter will set up your interview and tell you where to go, and with whom to speak. All you have to do is prepare for the interview and be sure to answer the questions professionally. Using a recruiter greatly improves your chances of getting hired. It can benefit you to use a recruiter if you need a job in a particular field or location quickly. Some recruiters can even help you find sales jobs in other parts of the world!

Seeking a sales job can be an exciting process when you have the help of a reputable job search site and recruiters that can connect you with top employers. Start your sales career search on the Web today!

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Sales Jobs

Sales Recruitment Services – Filling Open Sales Jobs

All businesses require a strong workforce if they hope to outpace their competition. However, trying to fill your company’s sales job openings (or any other openings for that matter) with qualified individuals can be a challenging task. From a logistical standpoint, a business is looking into dedicating a significant amount of time, focus, and money if it hopes to fill empty sales jobs on its own devices. Fortunately, sales recruitment services can ease the fiscal and temporal demands of such recruitment operations. This article will explore the advantages of utilizing sales recruitment services to place competent individuals into sales jobs available at your business.

If your business has ever advertised an open sales position in a newspaper or such, then you may be somewhat familiar with the frustration involved in merely initiating the hiring process. Your company was likely bombarded with several hundred resumes, many of which made the particular applicant in question look highly qualified and hireable. Sorting though such a collection of resumes is simply an unfeasible feat for many businesses. A sales recruitment agency can sort through all these resumes in an expedient and thorough manner. Afterwards, they can deliver your business a list of the more qualified candidates for you to make a final distinction. This is highly advantageous in regards to time demand on your behalf. The sales recruitment agency will weed out the most qualified candidates and leave you with the mere task of picking amongst the top-tier candidates.

A fact that many businesses overlook is that sales recruitment agencies may already have potential candidates for sales openings on-hand. Many sales recruitment agencies have dealt with hundreds if not thousands of clients. It should come as no surprise that these clients couldn’t hire all the top-tier applicants that agency the listed for them to choose from. Fortunately, the majority of recruitment agencies store the information of such applicants in a database for later use. The agency may discover a sufficient number of candidates for your sales jobs by merely running a search in their database. This would rule out any additional work including sorting through resumes, contacting the applicants, etc. In the end, you would fill the openings in a much quicker fashion and would be allowed to get back to business.

Yet another perk of contracting with a sales recruitment agency to help fill sales jobs at your company is the constant feedback and status updates you receive on the state of the recruitment process. If most companies were to handle the hiring process internally, confusion would undoubtedly be looming as to the progress of the hiring process. However, recruitment agencies are able to update you on every step of the process and thus your business can plan its next move more accordingly.

Unlike with internal hiring efforts, with sales recruitment agencies you’re almost guaranteed to come across competent applicants. Many recruitment agencies work towards building a solid relationship with their clients. Once they accomplish this, they’ll be able to reap rewards whenever their particular client has an opening available. However, to do this they need to establish a sense of trust and reliability with their clients. By sending ill-qualified applicants your way, they don’t get much accomplished. First, they portray themselves to be incompetent as a recruitment agency, and thus risk their standing with future and current clients, and also tarnish their chances as establishing a long-term bond with your company. Knowing that your time isn’t wasted delegating sales job hiring tasks to a recruitment agency is extremely advantageous, as handling the matter internally could result in little to no results in conjunction with wasted time and money.

When your business is ready to get started with a recruitment agency, finding the right one doesn’t have to be a chore. The internet is currently the best resource for researching prospective recruitment agencies. By simply using your favorite search engine, you can uncover extensive information about an agency you’re considering and possibly read some customer testimonials. It doesn’t hurt asking others you know whether they’ve contracted with a recruitment agency, and whether or not they enjoyed their particular experience with the company.

Although many might be led to believe that contracting with a sales recruitment agency is expensive and out of the reach of most businesses, it turns out that the situation is of a completely opposite nature. These types of agencies make money off of commissions paid to them by their clients. However, in most cases, if a recruitment agency can’t manage to find an employ to occupy an open position, the client doesn’t have to reimburse them for their services. While these commissions can vary, they typically loom around 10% the annual salary of the newly hired employee. This is agreeably well in the reach of businesses who are serious about getting their sales jobs filled. There’s no need to worry about the possibility that the new employee may leave shortly after being hired. Most agencies will reimburse you most of their commission in the event that your employee leaves the job. The allowable time period for such reimbursements can range from several weeks to a few months.

Choosing to employ the services of a sales recruitment agency to fill vacant sales jobs at your company could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. In a time where businesses must dedicate their efforts, in their entirety, to remain competitive, delegating hiring tasks to an outside entity makes sense. The majority of sales recruitment agencies are affordable, competent, and quick in their work. The monetary and temporal gains allotted by contracting with such services far outweigh the investment made to obtain them. A business really has nothing to lose by working with a recruitment agency other than an added workload, and thus an inefficient use of time. If your company has sales jobs available that need to get filled promptly, don’t hesitate looking into recruitment agencies that can help you in that pursuit. You won’t regret it and neither will your company.

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Video Mystery Shopper Positions

Video mystery shopping service is the most powerful and useful tool used by mystery customer to provide information to the shopping agency. Generally, mystery customers are supposed to roam around the shop, talk to the employees, and check their service and the facility thoroughly. Once they are out of the shop, they can note down all the observation in a diary. After returning home, they can prepare the report on the shop. But, usage of a video recorder while you shop makes the whole procedure pretty easy. Also, the client can view the attitude and behavior of his employees towards the customer.

You being a mystery customer can use this facility to satisfy the client. For a video mystery shopping service you would perform just same as you do for normal shopping. You should check the cleanliness of the service area or shop, through the eye of the camera. You have to record the whole event, as you converse with the staff or talk to the help desk. You might have to visit all the departments of the store, if it is instructed by your shopping company. Depending on the requirement, the shopping and recording process can take longer time than usual.

The equipments to carry out video mystery shopping service are just a digital button sized camcorder and attached battery pack. You can easily keep these hidden within your clothes or accessories. The camera can be placed within a button hole or in a piece of jewelry. The battery pack can also be kept hidden within the belt or purse. But, you should be trained enough to handle this camera, so that you can record properly. Otherwise, your shop is going to give useless result. So, before you go for a real video shop, you should better rehearse yourself meticulously to get the required outcome.

Your shopping company may ask you to go for few test video mystery shopping service , to be familiar with the instrument. Unless you feel confident in recording, do not go for any real video shop. The shopping agencies prefer to recruit experienced shopper, for this type of assignments. If you are a new comer, then you have to train yourself, so that you can compete with the experienced shoppers. The best way to learn is to watch the video recordings you have made for your test shops. You can very well judge your work, and thereby improve the technique for better production.

The highest advantage of video mystery shopping service is that the client can watch the recording. In case of written reports, there is a chance of missing important information. But it is not so, for a video recording. The client can see the exact reality at his stores. The staffs can also watch their performance in reality. Thus the client can take his own discretion to analyze the overall situation. This video can also be used as an ideal training tool, to show others who are doing well and who need to improve.

Generally the video shoppers are rewarded with higher amount than the normal shoppers, which can range from 30 dollar to 150 dollars. The shopping company will provide you with the equipment. If you are interested in this area of shopping, then prepare yourself carefully before applying for the assignments.

Sales Leadership Styles


Basic Profile: Extroverted and Organized

Who are they: Great decision makers who value doers and results. Has strong direct posture and communications.

Credibility to them is: On Time, Bottom line, Getting the task done, Results Orientated, Efficient, No Frills

Under Stress: My way or the highway attitude, Argumentative, Unbending

Leadership Strengths: Works harder under pressure. Commanding presence. Quick accurate decisions. Eye for the bottom-line.

Leadership Weaknesses: Can lead solely on title, not on relationship or empowerment. Can be insensitive and offensive to other styles. Not very personal, it’s always about the bottom line. Has a hard time delegating

To break credibility: Be late, be indirect, be too personal, break commitments, get emotional or stressed out, be too flashy, take too long to make decisions



Basic Profile: Extroverted and Disorganized

Who are they: Very expressive, great rapport builders and motivators, often very optimistic.

Credibility to them is: Wit, Humor, Big Picture Thinking, Flexibility, Recognition, Fun, Expressiveness,

Under Stress: Loses track of time and details, verbally attacks others, shifts the blame

Leadership Strengths: Naturally inspiring. Great starters, well networked with team and well liked, highly creative and intuitive.

Leadership Weaknesses: Lack follow-through, fails to maintain relationships, can be manipulated easily due to big need for recognition. Miss fine details needed for effective leadership. Thinks out loud before thinking about the consequences.

To break credibility: Criticize them or one of their ideas, be unexpressive or quiet, be too serious, be too rigid, dress in an understated way, be too focused on the little things and not the big picture



Basic Profile: Introverted and Disorganized

Who are they: Nurturing, supporting personality who values intimate relationships and connection.

Credibility to them is: Intimacy, Morality, Safe thinking, Family and Relationship Oriented, Easy Paced, Heart Felt

Under Stress: Fits in, Gets Highly Emotional, Feels very overwhelmed

Leadership Strengths: Consistent, very aware of each team member’s feelings, desires, hurts and passions. Great supporter and nurturer

Leadership Weaknesses: Too lenient on people, gives too much and can lose respect, too personal, easily emotionally affected, loses track of time and important deadlines, generally disorganized and attached to tradition.

To break credibility: Disrespect loved ones, make off color jokes about other people, be too flashy, hurt peoples feelings, make unethical moves.



Basic Profile: Introverted and Organized

Who are they: Detail orientated system builder. Highly quality conscious. Plans almost everything.

Credibility to them is: Accurate information, Detail, Staying the path, understating, statistics, planning, quality

Under Stress: Hides or retracts, Sticks to what is familiar, freezes or fails to take action

Leadership Strengths: Builds great systems, manages risk well, assesses risk well, accurate and well planned, humble and non-intrusive

Leadership Weaknesses: Too black and white in their thinking and can lack spontaneity and lateral thinking skills. Can take forever to make a decision. Can be boring or uninspiring. Holds grudges.

To break credibility: Be inaccurate or make assumptions, produce low quality work, be late, invade their personal space or bubble. Be too flashy.


The way to use these profiles is to identify where each of your team mates falls in the style grid and then begin to evaluate how you can more effectively connect with them by appealing to their core values while avoiding any major credibility killers.

This like any other skill takes time and may feel awkward at first as you shift your communication style to increase your leadership effectiveness. Over time with practice, you will find that shifting style and behavior becomes more and more natural for you and eventually it will become part of what you do at an almost unconscious level.

Remember your receptivity to others often determines their receptivity to you!

Shane Gibson is Executive Vice President of Knowledge Brokers International, a Global sales performance and leadership development company with offices in Vancouver, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. Shane can be reached at SHANE@SALESACADEMY.CA

Warming Up a Cold Call

I have seen many articles, blogs, and books professing to help sales people never cold call again. I like the idea myself. In fact, I wish people would give me business without ever writing a proposal or having another meeting again. Unfortunately as the old cliché goes: “Sales is a contact sport.”

Networking, publicity, great websites etc. are all great tools for generating warm leads. What happens if you need to double the size of your sales pipeline in 30 days? Unless you have a huge database already or a considerable advertising and marketing budget the cold still is an invaluable tool. With that said here are many variables that need to be addressed before this prehistoric version of SPAM becomes a useful sales tool.

The cold call isn’t dead; it’s just grown up and has become more sophisticated. Today’s executive is busier than ever. Their e-mail inbox is overflowing with mission critical messages and topped off with an extra helping of SPAM. They’re overbooked, and getting pitched on the phone, fax, PDA, PC and every other communications tool imaginable.

We need to get above the noise, and enter the prospects world with a different positioning than “another pitch artist telemarketer.” At the end of the day it’s an art. Everything from tonality, and time of day to pre-call research and how you handle their first question is critical. Most cold call strategies focus on volume almost exclusively; focus on value and people instead. Here are a couple of things to do to warm up your call:

1) Talk to the right person

This seems like its so common sense that I shouldn’t even mention it. Instead of saying “talk to the right person,” maybe I should say “stop kidding yourself.” It feels good to make a whole bunch of calls sometimes; but if they’re to non-decision makers just realize you’re just doing it for your own entertainment and self delusional reasons. It looks good on our call sheet in month one.

We might even put these prospects in our funnel. In a couple of months it will become obvious to us and those were accountable to that our funnel is full of fluff. Spend the time researching and finding real decision makers. Spend the time networking with people that connect you with or at least inform you about decision makers. Spend it servicing existing clients. Go a read a book even. Non decisions makers drain our energy, and time. Stop calling non-decision makers.

2) Ask Permission

When you prospect answers the phone, introduce yourself briefly and then ask them if you’ve caught them in the middle of something. More often then not they’ll make the time for you right away or give you a time to talk to them later. The alternative is to launch immediately into a sales monologue where your prospect says hello. This usually results in them checking their e-mail and their watch until you stop to take a breath. When you stop to breath they politely interject and request that you send something by post or e-mail or more directly tell you they’re not interested. The reason? You forgot to ask permission.

3) Delete in advance

Prospects have a tendency to delete cliché’s when we call them. I once had a senior executive for a fortune 500 company tell me “If I have one more person call me and tell me they’re going to save me time and money I’m going to lose it.” Sales people, especially those selling in the same industry or region tend use the same jargon and value proposition, often laden with useless terms and acronyms that prospects don’t care for anyway. We say we provide a “value-added”- “end to end” -“scalable” telecommunications solution, and that we have a “customer centric philosophy.” And all they hear is that we’re in “Telecommunications.”

Get rid of the jargon, resist the temptation to pull buzz words off competitors web-sites or from the latest flavor of the month business book. Simplify, differentiate, hire a writer to help you expand your corporate vocabulary if need be.

4) Get into the long-term mind-set

In reference to point number 2, when we ask for permission to chat with them our real goal is not to close them in most cases. Our goal is to set the stage and begin the development of the relationship. Cold-calling is planting seeds, not harvesting a database. Close them, but not on the deal, on the next step and then get off the phone sooner than later.

5) Use a rifle not a shotgun

Simply put; know who wants and uses your stuff. Break down a set of criteria that can define your ideal client industries, regions, and behaviors. Know their core pains, history, needs, names, details, trends etc. before picking up the phone. Become an authority on your ideal customer. Use that information to find more ideal candidates and spend 80% of your time, energy, money, ability, and reputation calling those types of clients.

6) Know why

Before picking up the phone figure out why you are calling, from the clients perspective. Ask the question what benefit, insight, or value can I legitimately bring to this prospect today? If it’s just to flog products or services; don’t pick up the phone. Know why it’s important to them and what it can do for them. It can be anything from solving a critical business problem to just making them laugh. Remember, the more value you add today to the relationship the more receptive they will be to answering our call tomorrow.

Shane Gibson is President of Knowledge Brokers International Systems Ltd, and can be reached at or 604-331-4471.